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Frequently Asked Questions



How can I buy a home if I have bruised credit or am self-employed?

Through a conventional lender you can't, but with our help you can!  We have both Lease Option and Land Contract programs available to improve your credit over time.   Making a down payment on a home and making a series of good monthly payments is a great way to improve your credit.  While a bank may see financing you as a liability, we see it as an opportunity to help you achieve homeownership and create safe and positive neighborhood environments.  When you move into a home, we keep a record of your monthly payments to us so that you can present it to the bank when you are ready to get a mortgage yourself. 


What is the difference between the Lease Option and Land Contract programs?

Lease Option is essentially renting the home you plan to buy, with this added benefit:  we cannot keep you from buying the home if you become qualified once you have entered into the Lease Option agreement.  Land Contract is legally purchasing the home through owner financing and all of your monthly payments go toward your down payment.


Do I have to qualify to buy a home?

We are not overly interested in your past credit report.  Your desire to own your own home and your ability to make reasonable monthly payments is what is really important to us.  So the way you qualify is by proving that you can make those monthly payments.  The amount that you can put towards a down payment initially determines whether you qualify for a Lease Option or a Land Contract.  


Do you provide owner financing for the homes you sell?

Yes we do.  Many of our homes are sold through owner financing, although we accept cash buyers as well.


How much down payment do I need?

  Because we own the houses, we can be somewhat flexible. If you are short of down payment funds you can even start out on our Lease Option and make the switch to our Land Contract program whenever additional funds become available to you.  Typically, to be in the Lease Option program you  should put 3%-5% or more down and  to be a part of the Land Contract program you should plan to put down 15%-20%.


I love one of your homes!  What is the next step?

Fill out our online application to begin receiving information and we can start finding you a house.  If you have already found a house that you love in our listings, be sure to mention that house in your application right away as our houses may not be on the market long.  


The home I love has been sold!  Can you find me another one?

Yes we can.  Our homes go very quickly so the best thing for you to do is fill out our application and we will notify you when something becomes available. Give us as much information as possible about the home you are looking for.  Tell us when you would like to move and more than likely we will find your new home.